January POWER Workout Playlist

January Power Workout Playlist

I can’t believe last year went so quickly and it’s already 2018!!!!! January is the month of new years resolutions – and most of you have probably resolved to lose weight, exercise more, eat less or eat healthier. You are not alone! Although these resolutions are usually doomed for failure…let’s make an effort together NOT […]

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Feelgood December Workout Playlist

December Feelgood Workout Playlist

It’s the holiday season – a perfect excuse to crank the volume on them feelgood tunes ? Which is why I decided to procure a feelgood workout playlist for us this December. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few older club classics along with some brand new hits – I love a good combination of both. […]

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Workout Playlists to Get You Going!

workout playlists

  Okay, so I’m sure we’re all aware how much of an impact music has on our gym sessions. I mean, for me it is practically the worst thing in the world if I get to the gym and I have forgotten my earphones! It leaves me dreading the cardio because it just feels so […]

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