low carb | low calorie cheese tacos

Let me just start by saying that these cheese tacos turned out WAY better than I expected. There is nothing I love more than having an experiment turn out successful (I kinda self high 5 myself, because lezbehonest I go through quite a few flops to get something gewd haha!)… Anyway, I had a very […]

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Cheesy, Calorie-Controlled Hasselback Chicken

cheesy calorie-controlled hasselback chicken

If you’re a little confused, looking at the post title like: “Hasselback? Aren’t you talking about potatoes?!” then yes, you are right 😉 But I thought it SUCH a good description of this absolutely fabulous chicken recipe I know you are going to LOVE! If you’re new to the blog – WELCOME!!!! Let me just […]

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SUGAR-FREE Rusk Recipe For the Hopeless Rusk Junkie

sugar-free rusk recipe for the hopeless rusk junkie

This past weekend I decided it was about time to bake a good big batch of rusks! Not just any rusks… SUGAR-FREE RUSKS!!!! Whooooo! I am so excited (and let me tell you why!), because I have been completely addicted to eating rusks (and usually Buttermilk Ouma rusks) every. Single. Day! Naturally, being me, I’ve […]

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152 CALORIE Vegetarian Curry

152 calorie vegetarian curry

    Have I got a treat for you guys today! My 152 calorie vegetarian curry is a delicious concoction I made for supper the other night (I had been DYING to try a vegetarian curry for weeks!), and truth be told, I am STILL relishing the bounty today! No, I am not eating week-old […]

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The Wrap to Rule them ALL – LOW CALORIE Chicken Wrap

the wrap to rule them all

Yes, you may have a laugh at my description… But let me tell you WHY: This delicious chicken wrap is actually HEALTHY! Wow – now you may be thinking, “so what?”, “what’s so special about that?”. I can’t tell you how many pseudo “healthy wraps” are out there! SO many people automatically associate wraps with […]

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