SUGAR-FREE Apple and Kiwi Gin Cocktail

sugar-free kiwi and apple gin cocktail

Summer is upon us! So, what better way to end off the week, than with a festive gin cocktail? G&T’s are awesome – no one can deny that. Although, in my experience – Gin is definitely a type of liquor that you either LOVE or HATE…because of its distinct taste which derives from juniper berries. […]

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SUGAR FREE Lindt Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

It’s winter time! Yes…okay…I’m sure I am stating the OBVIOUS. The point is, what is winter without hot chocolate? Not winter at all – that’s what! The problem is getting into summer-body-shape AND drinking hot chocolate at the same time. Such a predicament, am I right? Well, what if I told you that hot chocolate […]

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