The Wrap to Rule them ALL – LOW CALORIE Chicken Wrap

the wrap to rule them all

Yes, you may have a laugh at my description… But let me tell you WHY: This delicious chicken wrap is actually HEALTHY! Wow – now you may be thinking, “so what?”, “what’s so special about that?”. I can’t tell you how many pseudo “healthy wraps” are out there! SO many people automatically associate wraps with […]

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LESS THAN 400 CALORIES: Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Salad Cover

Meet one of my newest favourites! Not too long ago, I found myself having lunch with a dear friend at Woolies Café at Canal Walk. Both of us ordered the same salad (I was probably feeling guilty from a recent indulgence…or in fact, I probably wanted to order a massive slice of cheesecake for desert […]

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