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Welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Loraine Steyn (I’m sure that’s obvious from the header haha), and I started this blog to share my passion for healthy wholesome living!


Before I get into the nitty gritty of what this blog is about, let me tell you a bit more about me…


  1. I love food. SO MUCH! For probably 99% of my day – my head is filled with thoughts about food. I love being so passionate about it…but in a way it can also be a curse! I mean, I love exercise and keeping fit just as much…which makes the balance quite tricky. Add a sluggish metabolism and that’s a nightmare right there! You’ll find my pursuit for BALANCE a key theme in this blog (very difficult when you’re an extremist by nature).


  1. I love wine and chocolate! Two of my big loves haha J (that smiley face should probably be a monkey facepalm). For me, wine isn’t just WINE. For me there is poetic beauty in a glass of wine infront of the fireplace in winter time. So romantic! And chocolate! Don’t get me started! It might be a woman thing…but I fear I have the bug a little worse than most! I can easily polish a meal consisting only of chocolate…think three chocolate caramel McFlurries! #mydeathbychocolate


  1. I studied Molecular Biology at Stellenbosch University, majoring in genetics, microbiology and biochemistry. I have also completed diplomas in nutrition and sports nutrition. At university, I learnt a lot about the human metabolism (which is relevant here)…but I must say that most of what I learnt has been self-study. Ever since childhood I have had a fascination with nutrition and fitness that prompted me to read everything I could get my hands on…the latest diet trends included. There is a lot of nonsense out there. That is one thing I have come to learn over the years. Everyone is out to make an extra buck…or discover the magic elixir that will make you skinny without going to the gym. This is where you need to use your head! If it sounds too good to be true…it usually is L I know we all get excited about the prospect of success, but just be skeptical and do your research before falling for a scam or fad. On the other hand, however, another thing I have learnt is that you don’t need a degree to gain knowledge – it’s about HOW you obtain that knowledge (make sure your sources are reliable).


I hope that was brief enough for you…(sorry if I can get a bit long winded at times).


Now let’s get back to what this blog is about:



  1. Foodie. I always try and cook healthy meals…high in nutrients and relatively low in calories. In this category I showcase my favourite dishes featuring food that is wonderfully colourful, tasty, healthy and reasonably low in calories. Food that doesn’t leave us feeling deprived, or like we are on a diet (even when we are!). I will also post some recipes for a lifestyle that allows for some rewards: the occasional indulgence (glass of wine, Friday night cocktails or whatever) but in moderation, to keep us motivated.
  1. Fitness. This category involves fitness tips and tricks: hacks I like to use to make exercising more efficient, effective, and more enjoyable.

Loraine Steyn


  1. Get Smart. You might be confused as to what this means. In this category, I post articles that educates about all sorts of things (health related obviously). It may inform you of the latest food or diet trends…or lend advice about healthy habits to add to your daily routine.


  1. Food Scene. I love eating out in Cape Town! There are so many hidden gems out there people don’t even know about! Here I write about the best places to eat and drink in Cape Town! Think hidden gems…but also popular hangouts enjoyed by the locals 🙂 This place is buzzing with so much to see, do and taste!


Please explore the site! This blog is very new…but expect to find new posts on a weekly basis 🙂 

Most friendliest greetings