#ZeroWasteForMay – Surviving the First Week!


Sho, guys! I can’t believe I made it through week 1 of #ZeroWasteForMay!

Jokes – It’s been hard, but quite doable 😊



How the week started off:

Well, to be honest, the worst part, was that this week was full of public holidays (never thought I’d ever say that! Haha!). It just made the week a little chaotic because we were away over the long weekend, and obviously came back and had to go straight to work. Perhaps a little bad planning from my side…

Full disclosure, I did find quite a few loopholes this week. My boyfriend was kind enough to pack some food into Tupperwares. I was eating plain Bolognese mince and very boring food for most of the week as I didn’t get a chance to make a trip to a waste-friendly grocery store. As you know, I can’t go to the regular ones because of all the packaging (even barcodes and till slips).

Anyway, I felt quite deprived as I am not really a fan of eating uninteresting food – but for the sake of this challenge, I couldn’t give up that easily!

Despite my sneakiness with the loopholes – I still think I made a difference this week in reducing waste. I mean, say one person buys something in bulk – like washing powder – and you split the cost and share the product. You will still be saving on waste because only one person will be generating waste instead of two.

This past week, I really valued the expression “sharing is caring”. First day back at work this past week, my boss was nice (or not nice) enough to get us all cupcakes in celebration of Worker’s Day. These weren’t just any cupcakes…they were A-MAZING! Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla….and so moist and delicious! I realized I couldn’t have one – because of the cupcake wrapper ☹ You don’t understand! I was so sad! And then a miracle happened…my colleague was kind enough to share hers with me! Bless her!

And then the weekend:

Finally, I got to visit a plastic-free grocer in Cape Town! The shop is called Nude Foods, located in Zonnebloem, around the corner from Charley’s Bakery and Bootlegger’s

OH. MY. GOODNESS! I was so impressed!

Leading up to this whole #ZeroWasteForMay initiative, I had tried to brainstorm all the problems I might encounter along the way – like things packaged in plastic that I couldn’t find a zero-waste substitute for. Exploring the shop, I noticed that most of the things I had thought about wouldn’t be a problem anymore – like toothpaste and washing powder, for example 😊 I was so relieved!

They encourage you to bring your own containers to fill with anything and everything – free of plastic! From grains, legumes, nuts, flours, snacks, oils, fresh produce, bread, pasta, dairy products and even home and body products – there was EVERYTHING I needed for this journey 😊

So now I am satisfied that I won’t be deprived this week because I got the goods 😉

And theeeeen…

I also got together with Ella from Jar Bar to collect some DELICIOUS waste-friendly meals packed in a jar 😊 These are SUCH a genius invention! Pretty much a combination of a healthy meal, convenience and waste-free all in one! 

I’m so excited, they gifted me two delicious jars this week: the ABC salad with almonds, beans and cranberries, as well as the Lebanese Love made with lentil Bulgar wheat tabbouleh! Bonus, is that Nude Foods now stocks JarBar so you can make one trip and get all the above yay! You can also order through UberEATS and OrderIn…which just makes eating healthy at work THAT MUCH EASIER 🙂

Now you may be wondering what I am doing with my organic waste:

I am composting!

Yep – I live in an apartment, so I wasn’t going to take any chances with making my own composting contraption. I contacted my friends at Earth Probiotic and got myself the Earth Bokashi Composting kit – which I had actually been eyeing for a while.

It is perfect – a seal-able black bin that comes with the Earth Bokashi which facilitates the decomposition process and (the best part) – TAKES AWAY THE SMELL 😊 I will keep you updated on my composting progress, but I’m hoping this kit will keep all unwanted critters at bay.

Stay tuned – in my next post I’ll be showing you how to use it 😉




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