#ZeroWasteForMay: Only 1 week left to go (it’s been wonderful, but a bumpy road)

Wow! Three weeks of #ZeroWasteForMay done and dusted!

I really think I’m getting the hang of this. It’s really feeling quite natural to me now 😊 Don’t get me wrong, I still do a double take sometimes in that split second when I forget about my zero-waste life. Like using the hand drying paper in the bathroom, for example.

Watch my Week 3 video diary:

Breakfast this past week:

Okay, so I think you guys are probably wondering what I’m doing for breakfast, and the truth is that, thankfully, this is one meal I don’t have to stress about. You see, at work we get given breakfast, so there is technically no waste disposal involved for me. I must say, maybe it’s a bit sneaky…but unless I have to throw away a carton of milk, I’m safe 😊

You see the challenge is all about NOT generating any trash. That means, throwing anything in the bin is a NO NO.

Lunch this past week:

This is usually my main meal for the day 😊 Pretty much because I like eating my biggest meal when I need the energy to get through the workday and through a tough workout at the gym. However, I know most people enjoy the main meal at night when they can relax.

A while back, I discovered this brand at an event I attended: The JarBar

And for the past few weeks I’ve been treated to some lovely zero-waste lunches! Such convenient and fulfilling meals! I really love their concept of combining convenience and plastic-free packaging into delicious and healthy meals.

Here are some yummy lunches I enjoyed:

A Visit to the Oranjezicht Farmer’s Market

This past weekend, I also popped in to the Oranjezicht Farmer’s Market at Granger Bay with a friend for brekkie. If you’re a foodie you will definitely know about this market, and if you don’t you have to go check it out!

I’m quite a regular market-goer. From Biscuitmill to Route 44, I’ve seen most of them.

oranjezicht farmers market

oranjezicht farmers market

What I like about this market:

  1. It’s a lot more health and foodie-focused.
  2. It was incredible in context of my zero-waste challenge, because there were tones of fresh produce available.
  3. There was enough seating (as apposed to the Biscuitmill…such a mission!)
  4. You can enjoy a lovely view of the ocean while enjoying a Saturday morning brekkie.

Dinner this past week:

The past week I did a lot of eating out, so the lack of meat wasn’t such an issue this week. Of course, a frequent meat eater deprived of meat would order the biggest steak when given the opportunity. And I must say, I had to restrain myself from the automatic paper serviette “reach” after a meal. It’s surprising what a reflex action it is!

How do I feel:

I definitely think a vegetarian diet should be a gradual process. I went completely cold turkey and I must say I felt the effect quite intensely. For the past while I’ve been feeling tired all the time and have also been feeling a bit down and irritable. Not to mention bloated from all the beans I’ve been consuming haha!

It’s not that bad, just thought I should mention it. You know, in case you think this process is all moonshine and unicorn poop.

My body is still adjusting to the abrupt change in diet, but I’m still extremely determined to finish this challenge! No pain, no gain 😊

Stay tuned for my next recipe post this week!

As well as next week’s final wrap up. I will be summarising the entire experience in one post!



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