#ZeroWasteForMay: I’m halfway through the challenge…but it’s still challenging!

#ZeroWasteForMay WEEK 2

Another week has passed!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

Check out my WEEK 2 #ZeroWasteForMay video diary:

What’s new to report this week:

Right, so as you guys know (or should know if you watched last week’s video diary), I finally got the chance to shop at Nude Foods last weekend, so I could stock up on gorgeous, fresh and ZERO-WASTE produce. Hence, I didn’t have any problems making interesting meals for myself last week 😊 Already an improvement!

I mean – check out this post for an example of the type of food I was eating last week 😊

Here are the images…

(see the recipes here)

I also promised that I would share some deets regarding my composting endeavours. So, I put together the below video for y’all 😊 Earth Probiotic was kind enough to send me their Earth Bokashi Composting Kit, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! It’s so convenient for me – living in an apartment and all. I’ve been composting for two weeks now, and there isn’t even the slightest smell! So chuffed!

I will be posting a giveaway on my social media channels soon – so keep an eye out to stand a chance to win one of these babies 😊

Still not eating much meat…


So last week I didn’t eat much meat because I still haven’t managed to find a supplier that can give me zero-waste meat. I live pretty much next door to a supermarket, so obviously I’ve been tempted to run in for a quick meat-fix. So many people have been like: “Just go to the butcher side and ask them to put it in a container”. Trust me – I have thought of everything! Even if I do that, they are still going to give me a barcode and slip. Pretty dedicated, aren’t I :p

Luckily, I made sure I stocked up on plant protein sources like beans and lentils, so I’m actually feeling pretty good 😊

That said – I am a meat eater, so it’s still a mental adjustment.

And I’m also going to be completely transparent here; I did eat a little meat last week. Wasn’t going to say no to being invited to a delicious roast, now was I?! Y’all can’t judge me for that haha ;P

One of my co-workers also took pity on me and was lovely enough to bring Tupperware-packed chicken breasts. How sweet?

Anyway, since time is a massive constraint for me, let’s see if I can sniff out a decent supplier this week. I’ll keep you in the loop!


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