Yep – you read RIGHT! I’m going ZERO WASTE for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY!!!!

I have challenged myself to reduce my waste production up to 100%! I think it’s such a good cause 🙂

After all, we only have one planet to live on (holding thumbs for Mars, though) and there is going to come a time when we all have to face the cold hard reality: that we need to start caring for our beloved planet and live sustainably!

I know it’s easy to shut ourselves off from environmental issues. I mean, these days our Facebook newsfeeds are full of disturbing content. I for one, like my newsfeed to consist ONLY of hilarious cat videos because let’s face it – life is depressing enough.

But sometimes, we have to stop and think about our place in this world.

I know I’ve become immune to upsetting issues like starvation and pollution because it all seems a part of life these days. I don’t want to turn into an emotionless vessel. I am a human being and emotion and empathy is what makes me who I am!

Come on! How many of us buy products in unnecessary packaging? Overuse plastic straws? Throw away things that could be reused?

I’m sure that if we just take some time to think about how much we OVERUSE, we can REDUCE our waste DRAMATICALLY – just with simple tweaks to our lifestyle. 

I think about it like the water crisis in Cape Town…

Before, we were all living our lives, keeping the tap running while brushing our teeth, and using the washing machine for one dirty t-shirt. Fast forward, and today in the City of Cape Town we use but 50 litres of water per person per day! As a community, we have handled the situation so well 🙂 People have said that no city has adjusted as well to a water crisis than Cape Town. Day Zero is no more, and yet I am (and probably always will be) aware of how much water I had overused before. Never again can I shave my legs while the shower is running – it’s so unnecessary!  Now it’s me standing with a little container in the shower and shaving my legs with about a cup of water.

In the same way, I believe that by going ZERO WASTE this month, I will learn just how much waste I overuse, and can thereby save in the future 🙂

It’s going to be tough, I have no doubt. But I’m up for the challenge, and I’d be so happy if I can help you to make even the tiniest change to your daily life.

What can you expect this month?

  • Weekly updates on the blog

  • Waste-friendly recipes

  • Regular updates on my social media channels

  • Tips and tricks to reduce your waste

  • Giveaways!!!

Follow me on social media to keep up with all the action (links at the top of the page) 🙂


If you feel like I have been speaking any amount of sense – please join in the challenge with me this month! And use the hashtag –> #ZeroWasteForMay!


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  1. Well done Loraine! You`ve certainly made me aware of how much waste I have each week!! And you`ve inspired me to try to use less disposable stuff! I`ll start small but hopefully end big!! Can`t wait to see what your compost looks like at the end of the month!

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