5 Ingredients to Supercharge your morning smoothie

7 Ingredients to Supercharge your Morning Smoothie


Now that it’s summertime – there is NO better breakfast than a good nourishing smoothie. After the festive season we are all feeling super motivated to lose the Christmas bulge and get back on the fitness track!

For me, summertime is the easiest time to get back into shape: it’s nice and warm – less comfort eating and more cold smoothies for breakfast!

Hmm okay so when I say “smoothie” I don’t mean those (yes delicious and yummy) ones packed with sweetened yogurt and fruit juice, and heaps of peanut butter and other ingredients that pretty much push your fat macros wayyyy into the red.

It always depends what kind of diet you are following, but generally you don’t want to push fat macros above 20% for fitness (unless specified otherwise by a dietician). And you would be surprised how DIFFICULT it is to keep it that low!

My point is – be weary of what you put into your smoothies. Stay away from pseudo “healthy” ingredients (a.k.a. heaps of nut butters, or other sugary additives like fruit juice or sweetened yogurt). Peanut butter can be a great addition to a smoothie at times – but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people scooping out half the jar into one smoothie! Yikes!! – blissfully unaware that what they think is a healthy “weight-loss” smoothie is actually a fatty 2000+ calorie smoothie!

Let me get back to the point (I tend to stray off from time to time).

Smoothies are a great way to improve your health and lose that extra padding you put on during the holidays. I love how you can chuck in heaps of spinach and other healthy foods – and it still tastes FANTASTIC…like a summer tropical breeze ?

Here are 5 ingredients that will take your smoothies to the next level and supercharge your weight-loss efforts:


7 Ingredients to Supercharge your Morning Smoothie


  1. Matcha Powder


Matcha powder is concentrated green tea powder. So instead of having to drink 10 cups of green tea (I can’t say I enjoy the taste) to reap the antioxidant and fat burning benefits – only a teaspoon or so will do the trick! Ask at your local health shop…I’m sure they can hook you up with the good stuff 😉 Although, be warned – it ain’t cheap!


  1. Spinach


I always try and add a handful of baby spinach (not normal spinach) to my smoothies. What’s great is that baby spinach doesn’t have that overpowering metallic taste of regular spinach but still contains a host of health benefits. It’s pretty much my favourite way to consume my daily dose of healthy greens ? My advice: add a handful to your next smoothie and you’re sure to thank me for the energy boost 🙂 Just be sure you include banana as an ingredient (my trick to make any smoothie taste fantastic!).


  1. Coconut water

On days when you feel like you need a bit of a boost – I recommend substituting water with COCONUT WATER. It contains a host of health benefits, like being super high in electrolytes (great to re-hydrate after gym), can help you lose weight (low in calories and promotes satiety) AND – get this – is a great natural hangover buster! I wrote a blog post about all the benefits of drinking coconut water, so you are welcome to check it out here.


  1. Water


This one might strike you as a bit odd. Like water? Big whoop?!

Actually, water is my favourite secret weapon when it comes to making a fat melting low calorie smoothie because it contains NO CALORIES! Let me explain. Something as simple as substituting water as the liquid in your smoothie will save you around 200 calories. That’s a lot! The problem is that most people automatically add milk, yogurt or fruit juice as their liquid, but you’d be surprised that you don’t even realize the difference if you substitute water instead. Here is my favourite smoothie recipe to prove it.


  1. Pineapple


Hands down my favourite fruit to add to a smoothie! Firstly, in my parts it is the most affordable fruit. Blueberries and strawberries are delicious yeah…but fricken PRICEY! And if you want to enjoy a healthy smoothie everyday I’m not too keen on breaking the bank with expensive berries (I’d rather spend that money on a good protein powder!). Secondly, pineapple is EXTREMELY good for you: Immune boosting due to high levels of Vitamin C and great for optimal digestion. These days, pineapple is the FIRST fruit I go to for delicious morning smoothies (blueberry who?). Haha


So there you have it! These ingredients are simple – yet effective 🙂 Enjoy!

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