Feelgood December Workout Playlist

December Feelgood Workout Playlist

It’s the holiday season – a perfect excuse to crank the volume on them feelgood tunes ? Which is why I decided to procure a feelgood workout playlist for us this December.

I’m sure you’ll recognize a few older club classics along with some brand new hits – I love a good combination of both. And to be honest this playlist will double up as my party playlist – the songs are TOO good! But it’s always nice to change playlists reasonably often to keep things fresh 🙂

As you can see by the infographic below, this is a 10-song playlist. The first 2 will get you nicely warmed up – and the last 2 will get you nicely cooled down. Maybe try a nice HIIT workout? I usually prance around dancing for one song just to warm up my muscles and get the blood flowing and then get stuck into a tough HIIT workout!


Psst – you can get the December Workout Playlist straight from Deezer here.



Feelgood December Workout Playlist

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