SUGAR-FREE Apple and Kiwi Gin Cocktail

sugar-free kiwi and apple gin cocktail

Summer is upon us! So, what better way to end off the week, than with a festive gin cocktail?

G&T’s are awesome – no one can deny that. Although, in my experience – Gin is definitely a type of liquor that you either LOVE or HATE…because of its distinct taste which derives from juniper berries. In fact, the name “gin” is the shortened version of the English word “genever” – which is derived from the Latin for “juniper”.

I thought maybe I could interest you guys in a short history of how gin came to be the lovely and refreshing spirit we enjoy today. Not going to bore you with an extensive essay, but I thought it quite interesting that gin was first used as medicine – and then later it became a common drink for calming the nerves of anxious British soldiers. Interestingly, some sources claim that the term “Dutch Courage” actually originated from the use of Dutch gin on the battlefield due to its calming and warming effects on the body. Another source believes that the term “Dutch Courage” originated from the bravery-induced effects on the Dutch soldiers as witnessed by British soldiers.

And that’s your history lesson for today. Short and sweet ?

These days, I enjoy drinking gin on a hot summers day at the pool with good company. A nice cold gin cocktail can be wonderfully refreshing!

Because the classic G&T has been hopelessly overplayed – I’m sharing something a little less so. If you have fresh fruit lying around this summer, there’s no better way to use them than in this concoction. And I found that apple and kiwi are a perfect combination with ginger ale. Yip! I swopped the tonic for some sugar-free ginger ale. You can thank me later ?


sugar-free kiwi and apple gin cocktail


SUGAR-FREE Kiwi & Apple Gin Cocktail Recipe


Nothing to it!

What you’ll need:

  • Double shot of gin (50ml)
  • 2 slices of kiwi
  • a few slices of apple
  • 1 can sugar-free ginger ale (find at Woolies)
  • optional: slice of lemon
  • ice

Toss everything together and BOOM! An amazingly delicious sugar-free summer cocktail to enjoy 🙂


sugar-free kiwi and apple gin cocktail


sugar-free apple and gin cocktail

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