Does the 8-Hour Diet WORK??

Does the 8-hour diet work??


Let’s be honest – there are hundreds, if not thousands of different weight-loss diets out there these days. The problem is that ALL of them promise the WORLD (and more) and there’s always this big hype proclaiming that “This diet is the holy grail of weight-loss” and “You’ll never need to diet again!” …or “You’ll lose 10kg in a week!”. These are all crazy promises, and luckily I don’t take much notice of them anymore.

I truly believe that there is no magic diet to rule all diets. I believe that everyone has their own personal magic formula – that something will work WONDERS for you, but maybe not for your friend next door. This is because our metabolisms are different…and also our PERSONALITIES.

In my opinion – your personality is a HUGE factor when it comes to weight-loss success (click here to read about dieting for your personality). Think about it – diet and weight-loss is actually all about COMPLIANCE…and compliance means STICKING to a diet and making it your lifestyle. Otherwise, you end up depriving yourself only to gain all the weight you lost all over again! Like if you absolutely HATE low carb diets, but you force yourself to follow a keto diet only to relapse every so often out of frustration and gain all the weight back!

Anyway, all my personal views and opinions aside – I still want to give you guys some valuable information: whether these weird and wacky diets actually work at all?

Recently, there has been uproar about this diet called the 8-hour diet (or the 16-8 diet). So I decided I would be your guinea pig (you’re welcome!!)…

First – Let’s clarify some finer details:


does the 8-hour diet work??


I am going to test if the 8-Hour Diet WORKS



— Under my own terms, however. According to various sources, it is recommended to follow the 8-hour diet pattern for AT LEAST 3 days a week – and then eventually aim for a full 7-day week. However, I am going to follow this diet for a minimum of 4 days a week (Sunday to Thursday) – because weekends we like to eat out for supper so it might be a little tricky. However, if the scenario is favorable I will aim for a perfect week. Keep in mind that this diet needs to be flexible to have long term benefits (meaning that it needs to fit your lifestyle).


How it is going to work:


At the beginning of every new week (starting this Monday 16th October) I will post updates of the diet and my progress: current weight, eating habits, exercise habits etc.

Monday I will post my starting weight – and thereafter you can expect weekly progress reports.

I will also be including information that relates to diet compliance – i.e. how easy/difficult the diet is to stick to. In my opinion, this is very valuable information even if our personalities differ because you will have the opportunity to relate my experience to you your own situation (I’m assuming you know yourself and your lifestyle preferences haha).


SO EXCITED (excited face!!!!)  — STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!!

does the 8-hour diet work??


START: Monday 16 October 2017


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