3-Course Meal to IMPRESS

3 course meal to impress

In today’s blog post you will find an awesome 3-course meal to satisfy (in my opinion) the most important dinner party needs:

  1. Your menu needs to impress your guests.
  2. Your food needs to be satisfying and delicious.
  3. Your menu needs to be easy to prepare.
  4. And a bonus – your menu needs to be wholesome and nutritious.

And above and beyond that – the secret to a wonderful dinner party is of course – the WINE ? and for that exact reason, I have included my favourite pick in the menu below.

Okay, so the options below have been featured as recipes in previous posts, but I thought it would be a great idea to put together a 3-course meal for you (and I think I’ll do this more regularly in the future).

Take in the menu with your EYES first – and then if you are happy – click through for full instructions. The bonus is that you will be directed to the full recipe posts so that you can read the extra commentary and nutritional information (YAY!). I mean, if you’re on a diet or counting macros – I got you covered ?


3 course meal to impress


About the 3-Course Meal


For Starter:

Here I decided to go for one of my absolute favourite salads of all time – the Roasted Butternut Salad! This one features all my favourite ingredients in one dish: caramelised butternut, crunchy pumpkin seeds, feta…and of course BACON! I often have this salad as a full-on meal on its own – and it is fantastic as a packed lunch (absolutely divine). It’s got wonderful textures and flavours! As a starter, however, you will have to change the recipe slightly to your preferred quantity (but the full recipe won’t be too much, I promise).

From the full menu – this salad is the only dish you’ll have to worry about preparing just before the time (i.e. not the day before). However, you could roast the veggies an hour or so beforehand and then just toss the remaining ingredients together. Minimal effort – don’t worry.

* Click here for the full recipe


For Mains:

So many people have a funny perception when it comes to a “stew”, and I can’t understand why – because I can think of nothing more mouth-watering than slow cooked meat that will fall apart on your plate and melt like butter on your palate. This one is definitely one of those! So incredibly flavourful and hearty!

The best part of a stew is that the flavours develop over time – so this dish will be EVEN better (if not the BEST) a day after cooking. This means that you can prepare it the day before, and simply reheat before serving so that you can sit back and relax with your guests (or your hubby or BF for that matter).

Click here for the full recipe.


For Dessert:

After two deeply satisfying dishes – you’ll need something nice and light: my Amarula Chocolate Mousse! It is fabulous for many reasons (besides being wonderfully light on the stomach): it is very low in calories…it is delicious…and it contains ALCOHOL (whoopie!). Amarula adds a wonderful dimension to it that makes it ideal for guests.

And I almost forgot – you can make it in advance ? So, along with the stew, you can make two courses the day before – and you’ll only be left with the Butternut Salad (which is super easy too) to prepare on the day.

Click here for the full recipe.


Wine pairing:


And last – but most certainly the MOST IMPORTANT – and the star of the show = the wine!!!!

I love my red wines! And a lovely red wine will pair beautifully with the rich earthiness of my Beef Stew.

My suggestion is this lovely Rhône-style blend from Hermanuspietersfontein called die Martha (purple fruit and sweet spice, lush structure; bold consistency).

Click here to buy a bottle at 195 ZAR.



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