3 Ways to Diet for your PERSONALITY

What is the perfect diet? Does it exist?


After years and years of research and reading everything there is to read on dieting, losing weight…THIS diet…and THAT diet…promises here and promises there…I was convinced IT DOES NOT EXIST!


But before you roll your eyes at me, thinking “oh my gosh, why is she wasting my time?!” – let me tell you what I think the problem is, and then what could very well be the solution…




Most diets attempt to target a one-size-fits-all approach. Why? Because there is money to be made, of course! If you are developing an eating plan for sale…you are thinking: I need to tailor this diet to fit as many people as possible, because the more people buy it, the more money I can make! And I’m not saying none of these diets work (actually, I am fighting the urge to rant about “diets”, but I need to try and stay on topic here haha) – some of them produce amazing results. However, there are millions of dieters out there and only one or two before-and-after photos as proof that (insert diet name here) works! I’m sounding pretty negative right now, I know (#debbiedowner).


Relax, there is hope…




Ever wonder why the newest diet craze isn’t working for you? The fact of the matter is, you can’t expect a diet to work for everyone! We all have different genetics, lifestyles, and cultures. And what many of these diets neglect to address, is YOUR PERSONALITY! You will fall off your chair when you realize what an earth-shattering impact our personalities make! First of all, besides your genetics, one of the main reasons you are fat, is because you have bad eating habits, bad exercise habits, or a bad relationship with food. That’s why we need to think about changing our approach to dieting. The best diet is the one you can stick to! So choose one that suits your personality!

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diet for personality


What does this mean?


I recently watched a BBC program where a bunch of overweight people struggling to lose weight, were placed into one of 3 categories based on their EATING HABITS. The purpose was to achieve a more individualized approach.


diet for your personality

People who often ate too much at once. These people could just eat and eat, and struggled to realize when they were full. It was put forth that, perhaps there was impaired signaling between gut hormones and the brain.

Suggested weight-loss strategy

These people were advised to eat meals high in protein and low-gi carbohydrates, to aid the feeling of satiety.


diet for your personality

These people liked to eat constantly throughout the day – snacking all day; also eating while preparing food. It was believed, that this group had a big problem contolling food cravings, and couldn’t resist temptation when it came around in the form of tasty snacks.

Suggested weight-loss strategy

These people were advised to fast for two days a week, and eat normally (not counting calories) for the remaining 5 days. On the fasting days they ate 600-800 calories (take note these people were overweight, so their fasting-day calorie intake is quite high). This approach was thought to be a successful strategy because people in this group constantly struggled with cravings – sticking to a daily diet would be too challenging. Fasting meant that these people only needed to be strict 2 days a week, and could relax the other 5 days.


diet for your personality

People who were emotional eaters. This group tended to eat more when they were experiencing negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, or sadness – and turned to food to make them feel better. It was also recorded that these people were more likely to eat food high in salt, fat and refined carbohydrates when in this emotional state.

Suggested weight-loss strategy

People in this group were encouraged to join support groups, or diet with a friends to increase positive emotions and feel  supported. The strategy was a mental focus – encouraging them to handle stressful situations without turning to food for comfort.


Personally, I believe the above to be an exellent way of thinking! Anything to make losing weight a little easier is a winner in my book ☺


For more information, visit: 




Here, you can watch the series episodes and learn more about the experiments they did, the focus groups, AND you can take their test to see which category YOU fall into.

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    1. Yes, it’s an interesting perspective hey? I think that one of the biggest pitfalls of a diet is failing to acknowledge a person’s specific personality. Hope the article was helpful! xoxo

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