How to Burn 100 Calories Right NOW!

burn 100 calories right now



Let’s be honest – weight loss isn’t fun. So for me, anything that makes it seem less daunting wins in my book.

Reading something that says do THIS much exercise and burn THIS many calories, makes it almost MOTIVATING – especially if you’ve cheated and eaten something you shouldn’t have (face palm). It is well known that TRACKING (in any shape or form) increases compliance and weight-loss success for most people. It makes you accountable, plain and simple. Therefore, it makes sense that if you ate 300 calories over your daily requirement, you would be more likely to burn those calories off if you knew exactly what exercise to do and how long it would take.


And what if you didn’t want to eat less to lose weight? You would be motivated to work out if you knew that doing 437 jumping jacks would burn the amount of calories to lose 0.5kg (in theory). That would mean that you could do 63 per day and lose half a kilo per week without eating less food! CRAZY RIGHT?! The secret is in the Math…

Below are a few common exercises and how long/how many reps it takes to burn 100 calories. You can use the information to calculate similar scenarios as I explained above. However, I should mention that cutting calories is a far easier way to lose fat in the long run (it depends on your personality). Exercise can be used to burn calories – but is also a vital component in a healthy lifestyle: for a healthy heart/ lungs/ muscles.




ow to burn 100 calories

Easy peasy!!! Go forth and be active!!!



• These values are average values.
• The time or number of reps depends on:
– your weight (the more you weigh = less time/number of reps)
– the intensity of the exercise (higher intensity = less time/number of reps)
– gender
– age
(Weight and intensity are the most important)


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